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About Tokyo Sushi

The founder of Tokyo Sushi opened the first restaurant in 1989 in Toronto.

Today, there are over 15 Branches all around Toronto, and we are one of the leading figure in the local sushi industry.


About this location

The Eglinton and Avenue location was opened 8 years ago. With experienced Sushi chef and hospitality, we have been growing rapidly ever since and have became well known for our quality.


About Sushi

We can trace sushi's origin back to the 4th century BC in Southeast Asia. As a preserved food, the salted fish, fermented with rice, was an important source of protein. The cleaned and gutted fish were kept in rice so that the natural fermentation of the rice helped preserve the fish. This type of sushi is called nare-zushi, and was taken out of storage after a couple of months of fermentation, and then only the fish was consumed while the rice was discarded.

Over time, it spread throughout China, and later, around the 8th century AD, in the Heian period, it was introduced into Japan. Since Japanese preferred to eat rice together with fish, the sushi, called seisei-zushi, became popular at the end of Muromachi period. This type of sushi was consumed while the fish was still partly raw and the rice had not lost its flavor. In this way, sushi became more of a cuisine rather than a way to preserve food.